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Here are just some of the hundreds of organizations and programs that have benefited from the Cape Cod & Islands License Plate campaign over the years:


Mac Hay, Owner, Mac’s Seafood, Lower Cape

“We opened Mac’s Seafood as a small retail fish market over 20 years ago with start-up funds from The Community Development Partnership, through a small business program supported by Cape & Islands License Plate funds. These start-up funds were the first step in building a financial foundation that enabled us to grow and expand each year. We now operate 3 retail seafood markets, 2 restaurants, a wholesale seafood market, a catering division and an online seafood shipping division. Thanks for helping us get off the ground!”

Judy Scarafile, Past President, Cape Cod Baseball League

“Featuring soon-to–be Major League Baseball players from all over the country, Cape Cod Baseball League games attract more than 300,000 fans to 10 different ball parks each summer. Grants from the Cape and Islands License Plate have helped us continue to be the top collegiate league in the nation, and remain one of the top (free) tourist attractions on Cape Cod!”

Chris and Virginia Smith, Cape Cod Tree & Landscape

"A few years after we started our full-service landscaping business, Cape Cod Tree & Landscape, we began to grow pretty rapidly. With this growth came constant maintenance and repair issues with our equipment—so integral to our business. Mounting expenses for these repairs was becoming a real challenge, ultimately prohibiting further growth. A loan from the Community Development Partnership, supported by funds from the Cape & Islands License Plates, bridged the gap for us, allowing us to take our business to the next level. We now have 9 employees and manage accounts from Eastham to Dennisport."

Tom Dott, Owner, Lamb & Lion Inn in Barnstable

“As a local innkeeper with limited advertising dollars, we can market our property until the whales come home, but our efforts would be lost at sea without regional tourism marketing to attract visitors to our beautiful destination. Cape & Islands License Plate funds help bolster these year-round marketing programs, keeping the Cape Cod brand strong in the face of a competitive market and challenging economy. A thriving tourism industry creates much-needed jobs and revenue for our region!”

Amanda Converse, Cape & Islands Green program

“In the same way the Cape & Islands License Plate shows a person’s commitment to making the region a better place, so does the Cape & Islands Green Program. Cape & Islands Green focuses on the environmental protection of Cape Cod by engaging the small business community in best green practices. The participation of The Community Development Partnership, through support from Cape and Islands License Plate funds, has been key to spreading our message to all parts of the Cape!”

Eric Hesse, Fishing Vessel Tenacious II and past chairman of the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association

“Local fishermen are exploring new ways to ensure our fish stay local, and we are grateful for the assistance we received through Buy Fresh/Buy Local and Cape & Islands License Plate funds. Thanks to these funds, our fishermen’s association conducted a subscriber-based fresh fish marketing program in Chatham and Barnstable, and our Community Supported Fishery program was a great success!”

J’aime Sparrow, Sunbird Kitchen in Orleans

"When my husband and I returned to Cape Cod in 2011 we had a dream: to open a food business that would serve up fresh local food, but also be a warm, engaging place both for our staff and for the community. With a start-up loan from the Community Development Partnership in 2012, we opened the Sunbird Food Truck in Wellfleet and began to make our dream a reality. The CDP’s loan program is supported with Cape & Islands License Plate funds. Two and a half years later another small loan from the CDP rounded out local bank financing to enable us to open our brick and mortar Sunbird Kitchen in Orleans. We have always said that 'it takes a flock' to help us grow our business."

Barnstable County/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s Buy Fresh Buy Local Program

“Cape and Islands License Plate grant funds helped jump start the Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod program, which connects people on Cape Cod with locally grown farm and sea products. Agriculture, aquaculture and commercial fishing are an important part of the Cape’s economy. The financial support of the Buy Fresh Buy Local program helps preserve these important Cape Cod industries!

The list continues to grow! Join the team. This is the most thoughtful and powerful Cape & Islands campaign ever. One way or another, it touches you. Get your plate now!

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