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Revenues from the plate help to make the Cape & Islands a better place to live and visit! Plate revenues support grants, loans, the arts, environmentally compatible economic development programs and the growth of our year-round economy. Click here to visit our Beneficiaries Page.

Introduced in 1996, the Cape & Islands license plate features Nauset Light in Eastham (considered one of the most picturesque and photographed lighthouses in America), along with the cliffs of Siasconset in Nantucket and Gay Head on Martha’s Vineyard. The plate captures the distinct beauty of this coastal region, and is the perfect way to keep alive cherished memories of sandcastles and seashells, flip flops and fried clams.

Read below for some comments from our “Ambassadors” as to why they love their Cape & Islands Plate!

“I like that I can be an ambassador for The Cape & Islands wherever I travel. People ask about the unique plate and I can tell them about the beautiful area I call home.” — Janice

“It’s like a club! I ALWAYS look for them off Cape! I love to see the Cape and Islands plates when traveling....Florida, New York, New Hampshire, etc.” — Gina

“My wife and I worked most of our adult life in the hopes of one day moving from Pennsylvania to the Cape, where we vacationed every year with our three daughters. Our C&I plates are an indication that we have arrived.” — Bob

“It symbolizes raising our children by the ocean and the joy it now brings to see our granddaughter riding the waves at South Cape Beach! It is in your blood from generation to generation!” — Jane

“Mine is handed down from my father-in-law. It means the next generation of family on the cape. I hope to pass it on to one of my kids.” — Carrie

“It is like a special having a beach sticker on your car. It’s the feeling of summertime!” — Joanne

“Additional fees go to improving Cape Cod, & allows people to display their loyalty in a non-tacky way.” — Tom

“The first thing I did after we bought our house on the Cape was get Cape & Islands Plate to show my love and support of the Cape! And I love how my car looks with the plates!” — Julie

“My plates are a driving advertisement. I drive all over the country and people ask where is Cape Cod? So I get to tell them all about Cape Cod and how they should visit. My plates make great conversations with people from all over.” — Lila

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